Move and Improve Closed

After 21 years of encouraging and empowering individuals to engage in a healthier lifestyle through physical activity, the Move and Improve program will be ending after the 2017 program concludes.
This free 12-week community-based program started in 1997 as a way to promote and support the benefits of regular physical activity. A novel approach at the time, Move and Improve provided participants with incentives, encouragement and feedback, using paper and online tools to support progress and goal attainment. In recent years, advances in technology have created a whole new generation of physical activity tools and resources in support of fitness and health. As we fondly say goodbye to the program, we know many of you are now taking advantage of those new resources.
Over the years, Move and Improve has helped more than 142,000 people along their path to fitness and better health. We would like to recognize and thank all our participants who have made the commitment to improve their health and well-being.

Nicole Hammar
EMHS Move and Improve Coordinator